Get sponsors for your newsletter

When you start talking to a potential newsletter sponsor, you have to be ready with all the key info they want to know.You need to share who your audience is, newsletter stats, previous sponsors, testimonials, pricing, how to move forward, etc.Sure, you can copy and paste into an email each time. But it’s going to look way more professional in a single document.

This Sponsor Kit Template is free to download. Fill it out, adjust the colors to match your brand and use it to win more sponsors.

It’s on the way…

Awesome… 🙌There’s an email with the template heading your way.It’s from “Paul Metcalfe”If you don’t see it in your inbox in the next 30 minutes, check your promotions tab or spam folder.Any problems, send me an email at paul@newsletterblueprint.comWhile you wait for the email, come follow me on twitterSee you on the inside.